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Your Lightcase, customized

TaylorMade Lightcase

100% Customizable

Optionally, you can also customize all the elements and colors of the Lightcase structure, add your own brand, or tailor it to the size that best suits your needs. Tell us about your brand, and we will put together a lightcase ? collection created specially for you.

We follow this simple process to optimize your Lightcase:


producto personalizado

Analysis of branding, logos, corporate colors...


Our design team creates a simulation of your Lightcase


Our design team creates a simulation of your Lightcase


Once the production is finished, we send you your 100% customized Lightcase or we place them directly in your event.

Full color corners

Lightcase corners can be customized in shape and color optionally. You can ask us for your corporate color or the one that best matches your event.

Sides customized in size and color

The sides of the lightcase can also be customized. Ask us for your corporate color, or the one that best matches your brand or event.

Your brand more alive than ever before

Your brand, text, or corporate image will give the final touch to your Lightcase. We analyze it and incorporate it into your Lightcase collection optionally. Let us know!